An Ambassador is someone who wholeheartedly represents and promotes a specific organization!  Reese is beyond grateful for his Amazing Ambassadors who fell in love with his Cause. These People got to know the Reese Project and jumped in instantly! Without their love, support and giving spirits we would never have been able to raise awareness and help so many precious little ones! If you have the chance to get to know these Beautiful hearts count yourself blessed - they are rare gems in todays world.

(Please Note: our Ambassador Program is entirely separate from our ReeseFitRx Athlete Advocate Program)

"Baby Wild"
Christi Marraccini


"Sarros strong"

Kira SarroS

"Rey of sunshine"
reyna famy

"heart of gold"
natalie vassilaros

"rise above"

jay maryniak

Miguel cardia

"pocket size"

Rachel Locker