Now Get out of your head and pick up that Bar!
You’ve been stuck at that PR for a year now! Its all mental
Yes you can do a Box Jump! Fear is a Liar! It’s all in your Head!

Every Athlete knows the dreaded pain of mental blocks that keep us from performing a particular skill or reaching a much desired goal. Box Jumps, Double Unders, Muscle-ups, a certain weight you cant get past on a snatch - any of this sound familiar? Its Frustrating! Is there a way to overcome this? How can an athlete keep psychological obstacles from manifesting as physical obstacles?  It all starts in the mind.  "Get Out Of Your Head"  Those words are True!  A large part of it IS in your head! And it IS prohibiting your performance! Want to know why?

Its called the Psychosomatic Effect – Which is just a fancy word for the Mind Body Connection.  That whole concept of Mind Over Matter has legitimate substance to it and its coming to Light and helping Athlete Performance worldwide!

The Scientific Side

Negative external or internal psychological factors can be the hidden cause behind unexplained poor athletic performance. Many times the root cause of breaks in focus, poor preparation and injuries to the athlete is psychological. They can produce physical disruptions such as muscle tightening, shaking and increased perspiration. At times the body will create pain instead of allowing the brain to focus on an emotional issue.  If not dealt with, these factors may not only affect the athlete but the team as a whole. To combat these powerful effects, coaches and athletes can speak with a Certified Life and Wellness Coach trained in Psychosomatic healing to focus their efforts on tactics such as goal setting, routines, visualization and confidence.

Ray of Solace Announces the “Think Inside the Box” Tour

Coach Ray’s  seminars are being held at Fitness Facilities across the country and helping athletes finally find the progress they’ve been searching for! She has tied these seminars with her REESE charity events and a percentage of all proceeds will go to a family in need! Her program is uniquely designed for the "Obsessive Athlete" (It takes an obsessive Athlete to know an Obsessive Athlete!)


  • Psychosomatic Solace For Athletes
  • Group Seminars and One on One Sessions
  • Aimed at bringing awareness and education to the athlete’s Mind and Body Connection
  • Strong Focus on the power of confidence and positivity for motivation and performance!
  • Reload Program - 8 step program to help you unload the old weights and put on the new!
True Confidence is a rare but Beautiful thing. It has the ability to help a person overpower the tricks their mind can play on their body! After many years of loving Fitness but lacking confidence I finally understood how powerful the brains negativity could be and found the way to overcome it! Soon thereafter I found myself reaching PR after PR! I am passionate about helping people! I love sharing what I’ve learned and seeing athletes find happiness in their progress due to emotional healing is truly amazing!
— Sparkly Ray