The Reese Cause

  • To give sick children characters they can relate to in physical appearance, emotions, and life circumstances
  • To bring awareness to the intense struggles some young children are facing
  • To help parents explain a diagnosis to their child
  • To help siblings understand a diagnosis that their brother or sister is dealing with
  • To help classrooms understand a fellow student who may be coping with an illness
  • To bring hope to all who are struggling with any diagnosis
  • To help children be aware of the importance of physical fitness from a young age and the effect it has on their overall health and well being

So far in his journeys, Reese has spread his Sparkle with: CrossFit Kids, The Pregnant Pink Warrior, Prayers for Sophie, Prayers for Angelina, “Kicker” Caleb Johnson, Prayers for Gabby, Tripp Halstead, JoJo Ziobro, The Spina Bifida Resource Network, Milleigh’s Miracles, Smiles for Baby Charley, Rylies Smile Foundation, The KICKcancer Movement, Paige Mitchell, Baby Jack, Baby Jameson, Baby Charlie, Baby Ellie, Baby Jayce, Baby London, Baby Maddie, Baby Grace, BabyKevin, Baby Lauralyn, Baby Aaliyah, Baby Tallulah, and Sweet Mama Liz.

If you know someone in need please email us and let us know. We would be happy to review their situation and plan an event in their honor.


That precious little mouse and the Beautiful Sparkly Ray have blessed our family beyond what you could imagine!
— Kicker’s Mama
Thank you so much for hosting the event for our baby Milleigh! We were able to purchase an Oxygen Concentrator to start Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatments! We are so grateful for your help!
— Milleigh’s Mama
Thank you so much for the fundraiser for Rylie. She has not stopped talking about it. She has read your books again this morning and she told her little brother that Reese has super powers and he is flying the Reese doll all around the room!
— Rylie’s Mama
Thank you to everyone who attended the CrossFit fundraiser for my daughter Charley and a huge thank you to Sparkly Ray- you are a very special person. I think you are an angel – “Charley’s Angel.” I can’t express how much this means to me and my family.
— Charley’s Mama
I can’t say how thankful I am for all the support! We had such an amazing day with amazing people! Jo had so much fun! Thank you so much to Sparkly Ray for making it all happen! You are the best ever! EVER! Thank you to CrossFit GSP!
— JoJo’s Mama