The Tales of Reese is Proud to Partner with the amazingly talented Musician- Mike Clifford! Mike wears Many hats: Solo Artist, Member of the Bluegrass Band- The District, Dedicated Elementary School Teacher and the Title of Sparkly Ray’s Most Favorite Musician Ever!

“Mike Clifford’s angelic sound truly speaks to my soul. The first time I heard his mesmerizing voice it was honestly love at first sound for me. I challenge you to listen to any one of his medicinal melodies and not find yourself completely awe struck and addicted. In creating the Tales of Reese I knew Mike would be an essential piece to the message of hope and healing Reese carries. In true Mike Clifford fashion he jumped on board with the project immediately and loved the concept of donating the proceeds of his music to charities. After an initial Read through of Penelope’s Wish- Mike was inspired to write the song entitled “Swept Away”- the now theme song for the entire Tales of Reese Cause. Also on the Album you will hear “Ballerina” (a song for our precious Penelope), “Mother of Mercy” (A song for our Nurturer- Ruby), “Daydreamer” (The song of the “Soft Spot”) and “Carry Me Home” ( The song of Sparkly Ray’s Heart) We compiled this 5 track album of true therapy tunes for all those suffering any form of heartache. Parents and Children alike will feel a sense of peace in listening to these Soothing Songs. Take a moment to listen to Mike Clifford’s Sweet Sound and let yourself be Swept Away.” -Sparkly Ray