You will have no choice but to be swept away by this enchanting and moving story. Reese, the warm spirited orphan mouse is captivating the hearts of readers everywhere. With his amazing heart, passion for life and sweet spirit you won’t be able to resist falling in love with him. His overly large ears have a very special gift - They can always hear sad tears falling. One day he heard a young girl’s tears cascading into the ocean as if they were dancing down her cheeks lost forever in the oceans embrace. But they weren’t lost. Reese knew each one of her tears as if they were his own. He was especially drawn to those tears and was determined to find their home- and when he did he found his Ruby. Ruby was a young orphan girl living on a tugboat. When Reese first laid eyes on Ruby he knew if angels existed surely she was his. He caught her tears in his ears and so began an inseparable friendship that could never be broken. Together, Reese and ruby along with their fun loving seagull pal Cruiser are helping children and parents everywhere facing difficult and in some cases life threatening circumstances. Take a moment to enjoy the tales of Reese- and let yourself be swept away.