Meet Sparkly Ray

Sparkly Ray is a passionate, creative, nurturing free spirit, who spends most of her days throwing glitter with a sweet little mouse named Reese. She has Hazel eyes, wild curly hair and an imagination that won’t quit! Those who know her best would tell you that Sparkly Ray has a different personality for each day of the week and you need to get to know them all in order to keep up with her. She may have been best described by an older Italian gentleman who met her in a small town in Tuscany. He took one look at her and managed to get out enough broken English to tell her “For Every Curl…There is a Desire!” How true those words have proved to be… She believes with everything in her little being, that imagination is a powerful tool that can heal the soul.

She often expresses her belief that the ability to dream and create can save even the most broken of hearts.

I looked at him as if to say
Oh there you are little one - I’ve been waiting for you

“I was in such a dark place” she recalls “I was so broken and my spirit was completely crushed. I felt that I was far beyond repair and I was sadly ok with it. I truly had no desire to even try to recover - I can genuinely say I know what it is to be at the lowest of low. And then one day my heavy heart gave me a gift…it gave me one twinkle of a moment…one tiny flicker of imagination… one glimpse of a vision.  I felt my heart flutter inside me and the feeling was almost nostalgic…I knew it was something special and I couldn’t let it go. I held on with the little strength I had left at that time… and all of a sudden - my sweet little Reese was born. It was the most beautiful moment…and I was mesmerized. I looked at him as if to say "Oh there you are little one - I've been waiting for you"

I scooped him up…I cocooned him…I felt his heart dancing to the song my own heart was singing. My eyes started gently showering him with tears and he quickly caught them In his big beautiful ears. I took a deep breath and looked deep into his soulful eyes… and with an exhale, I knew… this little mouse just saved my soul… and I would have to share him so he could save others as well.


sparkly Questions for a sparkly author

Do you listen to music when you write about Reese?

Yes actually! My first two books about Reese’s adventures were written while listening to Justin Timberlake’s Song – Blue Ocean Floor

What happened to Reese to get a bite in his ear?

I don’t give the answer to that to anyone. It’s a secret only Reese and I know the answer to. But I will say the best thing about the bite is that it makes Reese “Perfectly Imperfect” which was the way Baby Charley’s mom described it! And I think she came up with the perfect way to say it!

Sparkly Ray why do you and Ruby have so many curls?

My hair is where I keep all my Sparkly Ideas! So I need a lot of curls to store all the different adventures my imagination comes up with!! Same for Ruby!

Sparkly Expressions About a Sparkly Author

Sparkly Ray has always been a little more excitable and passionate about children than your average person…and Tales of Reese really brings to life her love and compassion for children. She is one of the most nurturing people I’ve known and I should know as she has been my “Reese” and loving friend during my battle with Crohn’s disease.
— Oriana F, New York
Sparkly Ray is one of the most dynamic individuals I’ve ever met. Her creativity and compassion are enhanced by her empathy and willingness to help others. Reese is a testament to her drive to support and enlighten others.
— Trevor N, New Jersey
Sparkly ray is the most amazing author in the world. She’s fun, creative and bubbly. She has a huge heart an loves children.
— Max M, New York
Most people work toward achieving their own dreams because they think that will bring them satisfaction, but Sparkly Ray works towards helping other people achieve their dreams.
— Jordan H, Florida
Sparkly Ray…always giving, always protecting and always loyal to her friends , her family and her God. As for the little mouse she created named Reese, if he brings comfort to one single child, he is in my opinion, a super hero!
— Al F., Sparkly Rays Daddy
It takes a truly ‘Sparkly Ray’ to bring Reese to life, someone so special and with enough inspiration to give a child’s glimmer of hope real life. That depth of love and care can only emanate from an infinitely deep well.”
— Lauren L, New Jersey
It’s hard to believe that such a big heart lives within such a small person. But within only a few moments of being in her presence you will feel it. She will touch your heart and you will love, laugh and cry together like with no one else. As you come to know the adventures of Reese, it will pull at your heart strings like you never thought a children’s book could. Young and old alike are truly touched by Sparkly Ray’s fun loving, uplifting, and healing imagination.
— A kind hearted little surfer boy named Joshy
Sparkly Ray is beautiful inside and out. I love that sparkle in her eyes when she talks about something she loves and her ability to make others smile even when she is sad. Her love for her family and friends knows no bounds. She brightens the lives of those she loves with the little things that mean so much. Her obsession and love for babies ever since she was a child has led her to bring Reese to life. To show us that children are our miracles of life.
— Sherri K (Asian Angel), New York
Sparkly Ray is one of the most amazing people I have ever had the privilege of know ... Her selflessness and her desire to always put others needs and wants ahead of her own is remarkable. She is like the mother you always wished you had, the sister you always dreamed of and the friend you would be lucky enough to call yours! I can go on and on about what a wonderful person she is but to sum it up… THO SHE BE LITTLE SHE IS FIERCE!
— Jessica L, New Jersey
Sparkly Ray is a very positive and supportive person. She is always open to hear others problems and offer her advice and knowledge. She is often helping people get out of their mental holes and roadblocks. She will always push her problems aside to be there to listen to others. She makes herself available 24/7 for her friends… I refer to her as wonder woman.
— Lirian C, New Jersey
Sparkly Ray’s love for children and desire to help others has truly found its perfect match in the Reese project. Sparkly Ray has always been an amazingly hardworking and talented individual who puts the interests of others ahead of her own and with this project, her unique talent and drive have created something that will allow her to help children all over the world. We could not more proud of her.
— Darren K, Sparkly Rays Uncle
Before there was glitter and sparkles, mermaids and a mouse, there was a little girl with curly hair who loved to take care of baby dolls. I will always love that girl in the deepest part of my heart.
— Sparkly Ray’s Baby Sister
Before anyone can describe the type of person Ray Ray(what I call her) is, we first have to examine the motivation behind what she does and how it manifests itself to the hearts of her closest friends. Love. It’s the most powerful, influential, trusting, loyal, forgiving, motivating force on earth and I truly believe Ray’s motivation stems from love. She has touched the lives of many people we know and undoubtedly, unbeknownst to her many more. There is a magnetism that draws people to her and you detect it instantly. She’s charming and charismatic, generous, understanding, and best of all a friend. That she has owned and operated multiple ventures is evidence of her determination. But to take on a project that puts business savvy on the shelf and opens doors for things like healing, nurturing, giving, imagining, loving and being concerned really shows where her heart is and what its capable of doing. And she works out really hard too!
— Mike S, New Jersey
ray pink dress reese balloons 2.jpg
Sparkly Ray is an inspiring person to be around. Whenever you’re around her you can’t help but smile and just feel good. She has a huge heart and you can tell by all the hard work she’s put into her books. Ray as I call her, inspires me every day to be a better version of myself. I feel at times Ray and Reese are the same person. That adorable mouse is full of love and is always listening to his friends and soliciting great advice. Reese is a beacon of hope and of solace for everyone no matter what age
— Miguel C, New Jersey
Sparkly Ray’s generosity and unwavering love for people have shaped her life from an early age. Her compassionate and self-sacrificing spirit is a rare treasure in today’s me-first society
— Lyndsey B, North Carolina
Sparkly Ray is one of the most caring and genuine people I know. Her love for children and those in need shines bright in the amazing Tales of Reese!
— Lauren M, New York
We all have the capability to be great, and at different times in our lives have different levels of greatness, if you will. Sparkly Ray surpasses greatness and embodies all its components in an intensity that very few can possess. Her dedication, loyalty, and self-sacrificing spirit embodies the endearing mouse, Reese, that we have come to know and love. He will capture your heart and soul, and bring new meaning to the phrase…dreams really do come true.
— Amanda T (chicken), New York
Sparkly Ray is one of the best people I know. She is so loving and genuinely cares about others! Reese, much like Sparkly Ray, touches the lives of all he comes in contact with and changes them for the better
— Jilliane M, New York
Sparkly Ray has been in love with babies and children all of her life…So it was only natural that she would invent Reese, a sweet, soft hearted, lovable mouse to help children in serious trouble.
— Diane K, New York
Sparkly Ray is kind, inspiring and genuinely concerned about the welfare of others. She generously gives of herself and we see this reflected in all she does!
— Cortney K, California
It is our pleasure and honor to work with Sparkly Ray. She is detail-oriented and hard working. The master piece could not be achieved without her direction and inspiration.
— Dang Bui, Director of Gau Family Studio
From the woman who will give her all to make other people happy, comes the story that will without fail, bring joy and happiness to children of all ages.
— D. Makris (Wilson), New York
Who is Sparkly Ray? She is a first responder in time of need, a care taker with a heart Grand Canyon wide, a giver beyond what is normal with an unsurpassed capability to conquer many things at a time. She is loving with genuine compassion for others. She’s exuberant and passionate about life and her spirituality. People are naturally drawn to her and I think Reese is a sweet reflection of her.
— Debbie F, Sparkly Rays Mommy
Sparkly Ray is a creative and accomplished writer…but it was her big heart and love for children that brought the Reese project to life.
— Nicole B, Sparkly Rays Sister
Sparkly Ray is one of the most hard working and determined people I know, she is always looking out for the best interest of others and trying to help in whatever way she can.
— Rachel B (chicken), Texas
MY sparkly Ray who I call (RAY RAY) is a beautiful, loving, thoughtful, and caring young woman. She is a person who would do whatever is needed to help you with a problem. With her very creative and determined mind she has made a character that all will fall in love with. This is simple to understand because the character is just like her. I am very proud of her accomplishments and abilities and LOVE HER with all my heart.
— Danny K, Sparkly Ray’s Uncle
Sparkly Ray has more energy, empathy and enthusiasm than anyone I’ve ever met. Maybe someday she’ll tell me her secret.
— Mike Clifford, Sparkly Rays most Favorite Musician Ever